Meet the Veganbottle!

CHF 45.00

The perfect companion for staying hydrated

Our eco-friendly water bottles are all anyone needs to quench their thirst in style, so you can proudly take your bottle anywhere for hydration on the go.

Innovative, sustainable materials

Each bottle is crafted from raw bagasse material, which is the waste derived from sugarcane. It has all the same functionality as plastic, but is completely natural, reuses waste materials and is 100% biodegradable. You won’t just get a stylish, practical water bottle, your Veganbottle is also:


● Utilizing waste that wouldn’t be used otherwise

● Completely natural and non-GMO

● 100% biodegradable

● Just as strong as less sustainable water bottles

● No ingredients that compete with the food industry



This eco-friendly bottle isn’t just safe and non-toxic for your body and the environment, Veganbottle also produces 50% less greenhouse emissions than plastic taking into account, production, transport and end of life. And we are carbon neutral, balancing out our small carbon footprint by participating in a reforestation programs in Madagascar with Reforest Action and Haiti with Agrinotech.

Stylish and kind to the earth

Stay hydrated with the planet in mind. The elegant, practical Veganbottle is the ultimate accessory for the eco-conscious, made from natural waste materials, strong and resistant, and completely biodegradable.